GECCO'03 (Chicago, Illinois, USA), July 2003.


In July, 2003, Dr. Coello and two of his graduate students (Efrén Mezura Montes and Nareli Cruz Cortés) attended the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO'03) held in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Dr. Arturo Hernández Aguirre (from CIMAT) also joined Dr. Coello's group during this trip. Dr. Coello and his companions visited the famous Natural History Museum, the Sears Tower and some other places from which some pictures are shown next. There was also a visit to Urbana (Dr. Coello and Dr. Hernández visited IlliGAL, Prof. David E. Goldberg's prestiguous laboratory). It was also great to find out that Nareli received the "best paper award" in the Graduate Students Workshop organized within GECCO'2003 (one of the pictures below shows Nareli receiving the award from Sean Luke). Thus, putting all these events together, this was, by far, the most memorable trip of the year for Dr. Coello.