RC4-Hash : A New Hash Function based on RC4


RC4-Hash  : A New Hash Function based on RC4

Dr. Mridul Nandi

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In this talk, I would present a our new hash function called RC4-Hash which is based on popularly known RC4. This is the first hash function based on exchange shuffle mode. There are two reasons to do that. It has a potential efficiency and high security level. The second reason is that it has nice mathematical structure which has already been well studied.
This talk will be mainly based on basic idea on the design of hash functions and the our proposal. We briefly cover the security and performance of this new proposal.



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Prof. Nandi got his B.Stat (bachelor degree) and M.Stat (master degree) from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (Calcutta). His subject interest is in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. Currently he is working in Cryptography, especially, Hash functions, MAC, modes of operation, etc.


He got his PhD from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (Calcutta) on 2006. Then he moved to the University of Waterloo for one year postdoctoral programme. There he worked with Prof. Douglas Stinson.


Since the current academic term he joined the faculty at Cinvestav-IPN CS Department.