Panoramic and 3D Computer Vision

Panoramic and 3D Computer Vision

Dr. Reinhard Klette

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Panoramic and 3D Computer Vision.

Image sensor technology provides in recent years the tools for accurate and high-resolution 3D modeling of static or dynamic scenes, ranging from small objects such as artifacts in a museum to large-scale 3D models of a castle or 3D city maps, also allowing real time 3D data acquisition from a moving platform, such as in vision-based driver assistance. The talk illustrates these developments by examples, and provides some insights into applied technologies. It uses material from the book "Panoramic Imaging" (F.Huang, R.Klette, and K.Scheibe), published in October 2008 by Wiley (UK).


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Dr. Reinhard Klette is a Professor at the University of Aukland in New Zeland. Reinhard Klette is one of the personalities in the world who have developed the most important contributions to Digital Image Processing and Analysis and to Computer Vision, in particular to Combinatorial Image Analysis, Digital Geometry and to the Fundamentals for 3D Artificial Vision. He has published 8 Monographs, over 230 Journal and full Conference papers, he is member of the Editorial Boards of the most prestigious Journals in related fields, and he has been Plenary speaker at numerous important Conferences, His current research interests are environment perception and driver assistance multimedia imaging, in particular geometric subjects and applications of multimedia imaging (e.g., in biology, medicine, arts, industry).