IEEE CIS Task Force on Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Members of the Task Force Group

Why a Tasking Force Group?

The main aim of the task force groups of the IEEE CIS Technical Committee on Evolutionary Computation is to promote the research and applications in multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs).

What is Multi-Objective Optimization?

Multi-objective optimization refers to the solution of problems with two or more objectives to be satisfied simultaneously. Normally, such objectives are in conflict with each other and are expressed in different units. Because of their nature, multi-objective optimization problems normally have not one but a set of solutions, which are called Pareto optimal solutions. When such solutions are plotted in objective function space, the graph produced is called the Pareto front of the problem.

Why Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Despite the existence of numerous mathematical programming techniques for multi-objective optimization, evolutionary algorithms are particularly suitable for these problems because of several reasons:

Where can I start to learn about Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

There are several tutorials available in electronic format. The following is a representative list:

Additional Resources

If you want to get more in-depth knowledge about multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, there are two monographs devoted to this topic currently available:

Additionally, the chair of this workgroup has maintained since late 1998 the EMOO repository, which is located at:

The EMOO repository contains a lot of valuable resources for those interested in multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, such as:


Some important upcoming events related to multi-objective evolutionary algorithms are the following:

For additional information

If you want to know more about the activities of this working group, or you want to join us, please contact:

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