Multiobjective Optimization

1.- MISA: a Multi-objective Immune System Algorithm

2.- Micro-GA (Micro Genetic Algorithm)

3.- MOPSO (Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization)

4.- MOGA + Elitism (Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm + External File)

5.- Cooperative Coevolution for Large Scale Multi-Objective Optimization

6.- MOMBI: A New Metaheuristic for Many-Objective Optimization Based on the R2 Indicator

7.- MOMBI-II: An Improved Metaheuristic Based on the R2 Indicator for Many-Objective Optimization

8.- MOPSOhv: A New Hypervolume-based Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer

9.- MOAIS-HV: Multi-Objective Artificial Immune System based on Hypervolume

10.- MOEA-LAPS: MOEA based on linear assignment problem selection

11. iMOACO_R: A multi-objective ant colony optimizer for continuous search spaces based on R2

12. dMOPSO: A Decomposition-based Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer

Design of Combinational Circuits


Use of Particle Swarm Optimization to Design Combinational Logic Circuits



Constraint-Handling for Numerical Optimization


Cultured Differential Evolution for Constrained Optimization

A Simple Evolution Strategy to Solve Constrained Optimization Problems
Simple Feasibility Rules and Differential Evolution to Solve Constrained Optimization Problems
An Artificial Immune System to handle constraints
A Cultural Algorithm based on Evolutionary Programming for Constrained Optimization



Constraint-handling techniques used with genetic algorithms (developed by Gerardo Segura Cortés)

Design of combinational logic circuits using genetic algorithms (developed by Javier Cruz Pérez)
Design of a column using a genetic algorithm (developed by Julio César Aguilar Cabrera and Margarita Reyes Sierra)