PhD Program




PhD Program


The objective of  the PhD Program is to prepare specialists with a deep and broad knowledge of computing discipline and have the capacity to generate knowledge on it. It has an average duration of three years, and can start in January, May or September each year.


Admission Requirements

There are two ways to enter the doctoral program. In the first method, the candidate already has a master's degree in Science specializing in Computer Science or a related field. In the second method, called Direct PhD Program, the candidate has completed all courses, but not the thesis master's program (in any of its options) of the Computer Science Department of CINVESTAV.

In both types of income:

The candidate must apply for a professor of the Computer Science Department, its involvement as an adviser of studies. For this purpose at the request of the candidate, the department's academic coordinator will arrange an interview with each, or only some, of the department's professors. Can also have a thesis co-advisor of the department or another institution, but their participation must be approved by the college professors in the department. The candidate will then develop, under the supervision of his advisor, a protocol with the description of the work to be done and a work plan for this purpose. The advisor will request to the academic coordinator of the protocol evaluation, besides giving it, the resume and application to enter the applicant's doctoral program. The membership application should briefly describe the reasons for the candidate to do a PhD in Computer Science. The academic coordinator then convene an admission commitee, which can accept, accept with recommendations, or reject the request of the candidate.

When necessary, require the candidate pass an entrance examination. When deemed necessary, require the candidate to make a presentation of the research project.


The candidate admitted must submit the following documents:

  • Admission request.
  • Certificate of qualifications of the complete cycle of degree or engineering.
  • Copy of the letter of completion of studies (in case of to have finished its studies).
  • Copy of the act of final examination or its title.
  • Two letters of recommendation (original and it copies) of professors and researchers who know it.
  • Four photographies of infantile size.
  • Two copies of birth certificate.
  • Copies of certificates or certificates of seminars, courses, congresses and conferences you have participated.

Candidates admitted under the first type of income must also be delivered to the School Services Department, a copy of their act of obtaining a master's degree.



The doctoral program of a student varies according to the research project, the interests and experience of the student, the supervisor of studies and recommendations by the admissions committee. But, a typical program includes the following phases:

  • Preparation by means of courses.
  • Preparation of the doctoral proposal.
  • Obtaining of preliminary results.
  • Presentation of a predoctoral examination (no later than 3 years after starting the program).
  • Obtaining of definitive results.
  • Writing of the thesis.
  • Presentation of the doctoral examination (public defense of the thesis).

Due to agreements that CINVESTAV has with other universities, often the student does stays in foreign universities to exchange experiences in their research.


Stay Requirements
The minimum period of residence is two academic years full-time dedicated to research leading to doctoral dissertation. It is estimated that, in general, candidates require three years to complete their preparation and their thesis project.

The candidate must report their progress towards the academic community of the Computer Science Department through reports and seminars.

Requirements for Obtaining the Degree

Before requesting the submission of the thesis, the student must maintain a predoctoral examination which will focus on key topics of computing and the main area the student chooses.

The student must master their native languaje and suggested someone else. For Spanish-speaking students suggested English and Spanish in the case of other students.

The candidate must submit a thesis developed under the supervision of their advisor of studies. The thesis should contain original contributions that merit publication.

Once accepted the thesis by the Graduation Committee, the candidate will submit a final exam evaluated by the committee and the adviser of studies on the content of your thesis.

If the defense is successful according to the criteria of the Graduation Committee, CINVESTAV awarded to a PhD student in Computer Science.


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